Stop My Dog From Barking

Dog barking behavior

Did you ever wonder why your dog barks?

I always wonder why my dog barks...

Dogs enjoy barking, and they bark for many reasons. For owners it can be hard to quiet them, because they are usually trying to tell us something. If they expend energy to make a sound, it must be for a purpose. Dogs can bark for appropriate and good reasons, but also can bark inappropriately.

A constantly barking dog can bring us unwanted noise and frustration. The noise can become a nuisance, annoying and upsetting for our neighbors.

If our dog barks frequently and persistently, bark during the night or bark when owners are away, we have a chronic barker.

There is no difference in the percentage of excessive barkers between males and females, but there is a breed difference. Some breeds bark more than others, but purebred dogs can bark as well as mixed breeds.

Approximately 30% of dog owners reported their dogs barked excessively. Excessive barking is a common canine behavior problem. There are many reasons why dogs bark excessively.

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How to stop my dog from barking?

Direct observation of our dog's behavior is very important. Finding a solution to your dog's barking behavior is most important. The first step is to properly identify the cause.

My dog barking

Dogs most commonly bark for the following reasons:

  1. Attention seeking
  2. Environmental reasons and warning
  3. Playfulness or excitement
  4. Anxious barking

Fortunately, we can teach our dog when to bark and when not to.

If we want to effectively stop the barking behavior, we might consider anti bark collars.

We can use:

  • electric shock collar
  • a citronella collar
  • a sound collar

We might consider also debarking surgery.

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