Understanding dog barking sounds

It's perfectly normal for dogs to bark from time to time and they almost always bark for a reason. A dog barking sound is how a dog communicates with people about there needs. Some people think that the dog makes vocal noises, and rattles a peaceful and quiet day. If we have a dog, we must know that dog barking sounds are dog’s way of expressing themselves or communicating with other dogs.

Dogs enjoy barking and they find every occasion imaginable as a perfect opportunity to exercise their vocal cords. When a dog barks the sounds that it makes are a primitive level of communication. Most dog owners know why their dog barks by pitch and tone of its bark.

For dogs each of types of barks and whines has a different meaning. Each one of dog barking sounds is unique in its own way.

Dog breeds have different voices. The smaller dogs have higher pitched barks than larger dogs have lower pitched barks.

Dog barking sounds

A dog barking can be very annoying. Continual barking for long periods of time is one of the most frequent complaints of dog owners. So, the constant barking or whining of a dog can be disturbing or annoying for the neighbors too. It is important to know what different sounds of barking mean.

Types of dog barking sounds

There are different types of dog barking and different sounds for each types of dog barking.

  • Short barks at time - this can mean that dogs hear something but he is unable to see it (like a car parking nearby, doorbell or phone ringing, etc). This sound can be interrupted as an alarm bark.
  • A low and quite bark turns into a howling growl –the noticeable growl increases in intensity and ultimately turns into a howling growl. Dogs often will continue to bark and may also bare his teeth. This is a warning bark; dogs use to signify a potential danger.
  • Prolonged sound of barking – this is uninterrupted barking and dogs use when they need attention. Also is used when dogs are alone and lonely.
  • A series of yelps – dogs use this sounds when they are in pain.
  • A halting bark in a low pitch – this can mean that dog want to play.
  • A rising pitched stutter bark - this is sing of excitement.
  • A high-pitched vocalization with the mouth closed (whines) – dogs use this sounds when they want something (food, a walk, the “bathroom”, or just attention).
  • High pitched and repetitive sound of barks – this is bark of a distressed or stressed dog.
  • The sound that is longer and more tonal - this kind of barking is often called "singing". Dogs use this bark when chasing (coonhounds and bloodhounds).

Generally dogs use bark, growls, howls, whines, whimpers, human speech (some dogs may try to repeat human speech sounds, or are trained to do so).

Dogs communication skills are complex and some communications may lack spontaneity, originality, or individuality. Barking expresses different emotions for a dog. Same gestures and barks may have different or multiple meanings.